Payment Options

SMSF Direct Clients

For SMSF trustees engaging us directly we recommend EFT payments directly from the SMSF bank account as it will keep your ongoing compliance simple. This can be done annually in arrears if you are happy with a reactive service otherwise we can do annually in advance if you prefer a proactive service where we reconcile your SMSF every month so you can enjoy ongoing live reporting.

Charged via Your Firm

For accountants and financial planners using us to white label the work it is entirely up to you how you would like us to charge you for your clients work. This can be done direct from us to your client or direct to your firm allowing you to package up our SMSF compliance services as part of your holistic advisory package. We can then add your brand onto the documents so that our role remains a true white labelled service.

Payment Terms

Some clients prefer to pay us monthly for completing the work, others quarterly or annually. It is really dependent on whether the client needs:

  • Ongoing real time reporting in which case our staff need to work on the files monthly to keep up to date and thus the fee needs to be paid in advance.
  • Quarterly TBAR lodgement meaning the books need to be completed quarterly and thus either in annually in advance or quarterly payment terms are available.
  • Smaller clients not needing TBAR can be completed annually in arrears and thus only annual fees payable when we complete the work, although Software reimbursement needs to be paid in advance on the annual plan so we are not out of pocket for the software costs if the client doesn’t follow through with the service.

Payment Methods

All the usual payment methods are available including:

  • EFT payments direct to our bank
  • Payment via MasterCard or Visa incurring a 3% credit card levy
  • Cheque/cash payments

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