Our work is all pre-quoted via a fixed monthly or annual fee determined by the size of the fund. We do not charge extra for basic services such as tax lodgements, audits, accounting or software or suprise little compliance levies!

Basic Fees

The annual costs for your SMSF (Assuming a basic fund) with SMSF Australia will be:

      • $300+GST – Audit Fee (External Auditor)
      • $250+GST – Class Super Fee
      • $750+GST – Annual accounting, tax lodgement and administration fees
      • $1,300+GST Total

      These fees are accurate as of December 2021

Qualified Audits

We will charge extra for returns when audits are heavily qualified and the trustee has failed to meet their obligations to the fund. This is due to the additional costs on-charged to us via our independent audit firm.

Deed Changes

Every so often SMSF Deeds need to be updated to keep up with changes in laws. When this is required we will let you know up front and source you a quote from an expert SMSF legal firm. You then have the option to go ahead with that quote or assist the trustee in getting their own quote! And if yours is better then let us know, we are always up for finding more cost effective offerings for our clients.

Direct Real Estate

The main reason a fund will cost more than the basic charge is due to the trustee holding direct real estate investments. As these investments need to be manually entered (as property management statements cannot be imported via feeds) these returns will take longer and thus cost more for the accounting fee, although the audit and software costs generally remain the same.

Cryptocurrency and Collectables

If your client has invested in cryptocurrency via their SMSF then they will need to be prepared for higher accounting costs and generally higher audit costs. Many Crypto wallets are not in the name of an SMSF, only a personal name and thus result in an automatic breach of the SIS Act. If your client happens to own Crypto or random “collectables” such as art or bullion in the fund then we will need to quote above the basic rates to complete the work.

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