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Outsourcing your firms SMSFs to the Experts

We are an independently owned and operated firm of SMSF Accountants and Lawyers who specialise solely in managing Self-Managed Superannuation Funds and offer a business-to-business white label offering to accounting firms big and small.

Our SMSF Administration Services are delivered using the Class SuperCloudoffis systems along with our own in-house cutting-edge automations. Our solutions are created by experienced SMSF Accountants with a deep understanding and personal experience of the difficulties of running an accounting practice and the requirements in order to help you to effectively outsource your clients SMSFs.  Consider SMSF Australia as your silent partner, your internal team of accountants and lawyers who are technical experts in the area of managing SMSFs.

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Why use us for your SMSF Administration?

We are not just a cheap and cheerful outsource shop that can only handle the easy ones. We pride ourselves on our technical excellence able to internally handle legal and accounting matters relating to Self Managed Super Funds. Our team are accredited SMSF Specialists by the SMSF Association as well as incorporating Chartered Tax Advisers accredited by the Taxation Institute of Australia.

We can provide fast and effective turnarounds of everything from deed reviews, dealing with compliance breaches, ATO audits, letters of advice as well as your ongoing accounting and tax returns. Our fixed fees available on our pricing page provide an all inclusive base for your fixed annual SMSF Administration with only advice and support charged separately on top (and always quoted in advance).

We are relationship focussed building long term relationships with the accounting firms we collaborate with helping you to meet your practice goals by providing you solutions and white labelled support and advice. We serve as your team’s unseen partner providing a flexible delivery in line with your internal working style. We are happy to either lodge the returns ourselves at no additional cost or to add your details so that you continue to file the yearly tax return using your own tax agent’s identification number.

Our SMSF Administration Service Model

Our service model is designed to fit in with your firms business model meaning you do not need to change your clients expectations to fit in with our offering. Unlike many other SMSF Administration providers we do not demand monthly fees or direct debits from the fund in order to support your firm. Our service is designed to be flexible to meet the needs of different sized firms with different client types and expectations with no minimum number of funds required.

The core services we offer include:

  • Monthly or Annually completed SMSF Administration including preparing the financials, tax return which can then be lodged via us, or you are depending on your preferences.
  • Providing the electronic service address through Class.
  • Organising the independent audit through one of our wholesale audit providers at the discounted prices we can achieve through scale.
  • Completing SMSF Establishments for your clients including the corporate trustee, SMSF deed, rollover support etc.
  • Completing SMSF wind ups for clients who have completed their SMSF journey.

Keep in mind for all of the above service offers, you retain total control of the clients with live access to our Class Super environment to extract reports as needed. We can use Class or BGL360 SMSF administration systems and you can choose any reports from our system for your internal purposes and client reporting.

Transitioning your SMSF Administration

Whether you are transitioning from your in-house team or from a previous administrator we make the move proves as simple as seamless as possible by customising it to suit your needs.

Your dedicated SMSF director will help you to onboard your funds and ensure your clients do not experience any delays or downtime in their service delivery.

Our transition team is not some back office only available by email, but the same local SMSF Accountant you will have working with you for the long term.


Where is my SMSF Administration client data stored?

The data is stored in Class Super and on our Microsoft 365 SharePoint. Class Super is owned by Hub24 and its data security policy is available on their website. The Microsoft 365 is locked down on a ‘per computer’ basis so that it is accessible to our staff only. Our billing system is Xero which likewise will hold data relevant to invoicing and customer management. Xero, Class Super & Microsoft 365 do not provide any warranty that all data is held in Australia

Will I have a single point of contact?

Yes, you will have a dedicated SMSF Accountant who will deal with all your day to day support and queries. That said, if they are on holidays or unavailable for any reason one of our other friendly team will happily jump in to help out with anything urgent.

What are the fees?

For the annual SMSF Administration services all the fees are on our SMSF Pricing page, so they are transparent and inclusive. For legal support for unique matters, we will always quote you in advance.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of funds that I can outsource?

We have no minimum number of funds and are happy to support firms of all sizes. Our business is of a size and scale where we are equipped to take on a large volume of clients.

Can you lodge the tax return for our clients?

Yes, we will not charge any extra to lodge the tax return under our agency or to liaise with clients directly if that is what you would prefer.

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If you’re interested in learning more about our SMSF Administration Services please reach out for a confidential quote. Simply submit your details and one of our friendly team will be in touch as soon as possible.


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